The perfect dinner for a good night’s sleep

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Have you ever had a bad night’s sleep, but you didn’t really know why? Next time that happens to you, try to think about what you ate the night before. Scientific studies show how the type of meal can also significantly affect our sleep and dreams.


To sleep well we should avoid several foods, such as meat, chocolate, cakes, spicy foods and coffee, but many others should be included in your evening meal. It is essential to choose well not only the food but also the time you have dinner. For example, to vividly remember dreams well and avoid nightmares, it would be better to eat very light and healthy foods early in the evening.


You won’t believe this, but Kioene products can help you sleep soundly too. We recommend delicious burgers that will let you go to bed with a smile and a full stomach but in the right way!


A good vegetable-based dinner is the secret to a good night’s sleep. You can rely on a Kioene veggie burger with artichokes and dried tomatoes to accompany a salad or seasonal vegetables. If, on the other hand, you prefer a more intense taste, you can always rely on the veggie burger with aubergines. Accompanied by a frittata with olives and sun-dried tomatoes your dish will be given a Mediterranean touch.


Now you are really ready to have good dreams, but first remember to share your recipe for sleeping well and tag @Kioene on social media!


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