The burger to enjoy in company

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Every now and then it’s worth a change and trying something new, so why not try a veggie burger instead of the usual burger? And more specifically, a broccoli and kale burger.

If you’ve never eaten one, it’s time to find a quick and easy recipe that everyone really likes.


Kioene’s mini burgers with broccoli and kale are excellent as a main course and ideal for a dinner with friends to suit all tastes. If you have invited friends or relatives to your home, but have little time to cook, you can still prepare something delicious. This is what we recommend!


Cereal or wholemeal bread with burgers and your choice of vegetablesGrilled courgettes, salad and tomatoes are excellent when enjoyed together with broccoli and kale. And if you want to give your sandwich that extra little taste, you can add some rice mozzarella.


As a side dish you can choose from many different solutions, from sweet or savoury potatoes, oven-baked or sautéed in a pan, to carrots cut into sticks and roasted. An even quicker solution is raw cabbage salad simply dressed with oil and salt, to accompany your broccoli and kale burger and enhance its taste.


Now all you need to do is start making a guest list and organise a delicious dinner with friends. You will get everything else ready in no time!


Cook, serve on plates and if you are satisfied, take a photo of your recipe and post it on social media.

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