The “queen” vegetables of autumn

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We are now in middle of autumn, we have put the clocks back and the temperature drops from day to day. Darkness surrounds us early and our body has to slowly prepare to face the coldest season of the year. What can we do to help it?


There are several seasonal foods, which, if integrated into daily meals, can help us cope better with the coming months. You won’t believe this, but Kioene has just the thing for you too!


A variety of many foods should not be missing from our meal table at this time of year. Here we suggest three of the best autumn vegetables.

With its bright colour, the pumpkin, the vegetable par excellence during this season, brings joy to every dish. It is excellent for creamed soups, soups, risottos or simply oven-baked to enhance its sweet and delicate taste. Kioene offers mini vegan burgers with pumpkin and carrots, with their unmistakable flavour. They are ideal for lunch or dinner, for eating on their own or as a side dish. Unmistakably and irresistibly sweet to the palate, their bright orange colour is sure to lift your mood.


Cauliflower is an ideal side dish for accompanying different types of dishes or as a condiment for tasty pasta. Easy to cook in a pan or oven-baked, it is perfect for many dishes.


Moreover, with green leafy vegetables and broccoli you can enjoy preparing many recipes. With their strong flavour, these vegetables can accompany other foods, but they are also excellent on their own, to season and eat at room temperature. Remember that they are very nutritious vegetables! For a light, yet substantial, dinner we recommend a large plate of broccoli, chard, cabbage or green radicchio. Also in this case, Kioene products can be useful. For a very green meal, mini vegan burgers with broccoli and kale are ideal!


Now that you know what can’t be missing on your autumn meal table, create your own recipe, share it on social media and tag @Kioene. The most interesting stories will be shared on our official profile!


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