Perfect post-workout dishes

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Cardio, squats, push-ups and abs. After all this exercise, it’s better to pop something into your stomach! What you need are quick and easy recipes because, admit it, after going to the gym you really don’t feel like cooking. But be careful, not all dishes are the same! To allow our body to recover quickly and in the best possible way, choose certain foods: plenty of protein and carbohydrates, which allow the body to “repair” tired muscles after exercising.

If you don’t know where to start for a nutritious, healthy and balanced meal, discover the menu we have created for you!


Start with a curry-flavoured chickpea, mango and cauliflower salad. It is ideal because it is low in fat but rich in vitamins, in spinach, which also help to absorb the iron in chickpeas. Cook the cauliflower in a pan with curry powder, mustard, turmeric, salt, pepper and sugar for 5 minutes to create a sauce. When cool, add it to a bowl of chickpeas, mango, spinach, rocket and lime juice. It will be a fresh and tasty salad, perfect for restoring your energy after an intense workout!


If you’re rushed for time, try a quick sandwich. All you need is a Kioene veggie chickpea burger, between two slices of toasted rustic bread with cherry tomatoes, avocado and lettuce. It’s a colourful and tasty sandwich for recovering your energy and for resting, on a full stomach, while re-thinking the goals you achieved during your workout.


Then, you certainly must include the ultimate food for all post-workout menus: green juice! A veggie and fruit juice is the best way to integrate a large amount of nutrients into your diet quickly and easily. The juice we recommend has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the presence of ginger and provides a good intake of calcium for your diet thanks to the addition of savoy cabbage.

How do you prepare it?

Put the savoy cabbage, an apple, some celery, half a banana, some parsley, a few blueberries, ginger, cinnamon and 250 ml water into a blender. Blend everything to a smooth consistency, then add ice and blend again until the mixture is smooth and creamy.


Here is your post-workout menu: quick, easy and healthy. Remember to eat within 45 minutes of your workout to get the best benefits from these foods.

You just have to start: enjoy your workout and, above all, have a good dinner!


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