5 tips to prevent seasonal illnesses

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Winter is approaching and for many people this means a cough, a cold, a sore throat or even flu. What not everyone knows, however, is that there are several foods that can help us get through the coldest period of the year unharmed (or almost).


Here are a few tips on how to best cope with cold temperatures thanks to the right  foods.


Hot food counteracts outdoor temperatures. It’s a good idea to have hot drinks, when possible, such as tea and enjoy some steaming hot dishes such as vegetable soups.

Spicy dishes help to expel the cold that has already penetrated our body. How can you integrate them into your daily diet? Simply add a pinch of paprika to your dishes to give them extra flavour or simply season more classic dishes with the addition of a little spice, such as curry or ginger.

– Sweet vegetables such as carrots, yellow squash, broccoli, cauliflower, sweet potatoes and fennel help to keep our body well-balanced. Add them as a side dish or make them the main ingredients of your dishes!

Grain cereals and legumes are essential for properly nourishing intestinal flora. Use them in this season!

– Remember to eat more protein foods than in summer to give your body more energy.


Do you lack inspiration for dinner?

Following valuable advice, here is an idea that might suit you:

Vegan burger with pumpkin and sweet potatoes


Enjoy your meal!


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