The pairing of the year: discover Beetroot and Chickpea Balls

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A winning combination
Beetroot is a root vegetable that grows downwards without growing very large. It is fairly round and not particularly attractive, however, it is sweet and very colourful. Chickpeas, instead, are among the oldest legumes in the world. After beans and soya, they are the third most consumed legume in the world. These two ingredients are perfect when paired. Together, they offer a winning combination of taste that is expressed in our brand-new Veggie Beetroot and Chickpea Balls.


Humble… and versatile origins
Beetroot can be found in all the countries lapped by the Mediterranean Sea. It therefore prefers European countries and North Africa, even if it does not require particular growing conditions, since it easily adapts to any type of soil. Chickpeas come from a little further away, from Turkey. They were used in ancient Egypt as typical food for lunch breaks for the less wealthy classes.


Why they are good for you
Beetroot is low in calories and rich in fibre, which helps regular bowel movements. It is also used as a natural colouring agent in the food industry because of its bright red colour. Chickpeas, by contrast, are substantial and nutritious. Like beetroot, they are an excellent source of fibre and help to keep cholesterol levels under control.


How they are used in cuisine
Beetroot is mainly used to colour creamed soups and purees. In Tuscany, it is used to make “pancotto” (bread soup) with stale bread, whereas in Trentino, it is served as a side dish and is cooked with bacon. In Friuli, beetroot is macerated in grape pomace to make “brovada”, a dish similar to sauerkraut. But let’s not forget that it’s one of the favourite vegetables for mixed pickles! Chickpeas, instead, are widely used in oriental cuisine, for example to make well-known falafel, whereas in Europe they are mostly added to soups or used to make chickpea flat bread.


Try the new Veggie Beetroot and Chickpea Balls accompanied by a salad of tomatoes, avocado and wholemeal bread croutons.


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