• Why we do this

    It was the late 1980s in Brazil, where hills topped with soybean fields stretch as far as the eye can see. This boundless landscape inspired our Albino Tonazzo, who had a visionary idea: sustainable eating is not only possible, but also necessary.

    Back to Padua, with his brother Stefano, he turned that idea into reality.

    Researchers began to focus on plant-based proteins at our company headquarters, which produced quality meats since 1888. With one goal: to create healthy, genuine products free of animal-derived ingredients.

    Hence the creation of KIOENE, in 1989, well ahead of its time; this range of plant-based products is the result of a typically Italian family and entrepreneurial tradition combined with constant culinary research with the aim of becoming a go-to brand in the Italian plant-based food industry.

    To guarantee the quality of our products and respect our consumers, we take care of our two ranges - our traditional beef processing business and the production of plant-based foods - and keep them completely separate.

  • About us

    Gruppo Tonazzo has its roots in the field of Good Meat trade and processing in the late 19th century.

    In the late 1980s, when Albino and Stefano approached the world of soy, they started an important chapter in the history of the Italian agri-food sector.

    The first BIOENE branded products with plant-derived proteins - the ancestor of our KIOENE brand - appeared in Italian large retail chains in 1990. Designed for anyone who wants to enhance their diet with the beneficial properties of plant proteins without sacrificing flavour, our product range appeared in the market well ahead of its time.

    The Tonazzo Group aspires to be a modern, dynamic and constantly evolving business, with the strategic objective of balancing the production and processing of animal proteins and plant-based proteins with a view to perform to the highest of standards of corporate social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

  • What we do

    Our range of products is the result of a rigorous selection of the highest quality raw materials, continuous investment in advanced technologies and a constant drive for innovation. Burgers, cutlets, cordon bleu and our other tasty specialties are based on vegetables, legumes and non-GMO cereals, which are carefully selected and processed entirely in Italy, in certified, cutting-edge factories.

    The road we travelled in the field of plant-based foods was long and not without obstacles. We firmly pursued our idea and were inspired by the two Ts that guided our thinking: Time and Technologies. TIME: there are 7 billion people in the world, and there will soon be 9 billion. Protein sources are limited, and if it takes 12 plant proteins to form one animal protein, choosing plants as the primary source of protein could contribute to a sustainable way of eating for the whole human race over time. TECHNOLOGY: we work with biomedical foundations to stay on the leading edge of innovation and leverage scientific and technological developments by applying them to our processes to constantly improve the nutritional properties of our plant-derived products.

  • How we do this

    • Made in Italy

    • 100% plant derived

    • Non-GMO

    • Certified quality

    These are the key ingredients of our KIOENE recipe.

    Through extensive research, we develop specific solutions to meet the latest requests from the food industry and offer a wide and diverse range that cater for everyone's tastes.

    Our products are not only tasty, but also innovative: our constant efforts in product innovation have earned us the prestigious Wabel Frozen Award at the Paris Summit in 2015, when our Kioene Spinach Burgers were awarded as Best Innovative Product.

    Our Integrated Quality Management System ensures that every stage of production takes place in compliance with EU and national standards and our automated inspection system constantly enables regular quality checks on each product placed on the market.

    We have clearly set our direction for the future: we will continue to explore alternative foods, selecting the best materials and investing continuously in the use of the latest technologies to make sure our products live up to consumers’ expectations.