From the Middle East with love: Kioene chickpea falafels

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All about falafels

Falafels are balls made of legumes and spices typical of oriental cuisine. In recent years, they have become very well-known also in Italy.

The name “falafel” comes from the Coptic expression “pha la phel”, which means “many beans” indicating the legume content of these precious balls, originally made mainly of broad beans.

Like many dishes of oriental cuisine, falafels are pleasantly spicy, which is why a good falafel always contains onion, garlic, cumin and coriander. It’s a dish with the typical flavours of the Middle East, which we have given a contemporary twist and Italianised as our brand-new Chickpea Falafels.



This dish most likely has its origins in Egypt and was once made of minced broad beans. The later version, made of chickpeas, became more widespread because, thanks to their high protein content, they were a perfect alternative to meat, which was not always allowed in kosher recipes. Chickpeas were left to soak overnight and then minced with spices and a little salt. Today, those who make them at home add eggs, but the original recipe does not include them. Falafels can then be breaded with seeds of your choice and cooked either fried or oven-baked.


Where they are found

Falafels are eaten in Palestine, Israel, Syria, Jordan and Egypt: it is easy to walk the streets of these countries and come across food stalls and vans that prepare them on the spot. In Europe, they are now easily found as an alternative to kebabs, for those who do not want meat. Alternatively, you can enjoy them in ethnic restaurants, where they are served as an appetizer or a main dish with sauces of different colours and flavours.


What to pair them with

Falafels can be eaten on their own, but they are much tastier when accompanied by hummus. They can also be used as a filling, along with yoghurt, tahini, tomato and grilled aubergine, for Arabic bread, which is folded into a wrap to contain the rich filling.



Try our new Chickpea Falafels accompanied by their ideal partner: hummus. Serve them with wholemeal bread croutons. They are ideal for starting the evening with the right “exotic” touch.


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