2 new veggie burgers in a soya-free recipe

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There’s something new at Kioene, some new vegan burgers have arrived! The evolution of taste has begun and Kioene is the key player. The new vegan burgers are made with a refreshed recipe but without losing the typical goodness of the veggie burgers you love so much.


What’s new about them?

The recipe for the new vegan burgers does not contain soya, which is replaced by pea flour that gives the recipe a super flavour just like your favourite Kioene burgers! Speaking of preferences, these vegan burgers come in mini versions, just like your favourite Kioene veggie burgers with spinach. So, you can enjoy them as a savoury snack or have two for a lunch or dinner that can be prepared in no time. The mini vegan burgers can be oven-baked at 180°C for 8 minutes or in a pan, with a drizzle of oil, for 7 minutes taking care to turn them halfway through cooking.


All new pairings

Not only the recipe but also the combination of flavours is refreshed for these vegan burgers!

Vegan burgers are available with broccoli and kale, and with pumpkin and carrots. The first combination is rich in flavours and vitamins, thanks to the presence of kale, which is a real superfood, as it is also good for tiredness and fatigue. From ancient farmhouse recipes to the novelty of a vegan burger: kale is ideal for every recipe!

Another combination of flavours available for these vegan burgers is pumpkin and carrots. They are colourful and really tasty burgers thanks to the sweetness of these two vegetables, which are not only tasty but also good for your body!


Take part in the evolution of taste! With the new Kioene vegan burgers you can create many recipes and combinations with the same taste as always but a whole new recipe! Enjoy them as small burgers accompanied by a handful of mixed green salad leaves and fresh vegetables, or indulge in new and interesting combinations for your recipes. The new vegan burgers are a real delight!


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